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UWT is associated with the world's largest Master Agency offering primarily international services!

UWT's winning philosophy is based on their core beliefs:

  • We need to provide the highest commission and support to keep you loyal to us, and also the least administrative work to allow you to concentrate on selling. 

  • We want to help you to grow and they will support you personally by phone and by email whenever you need us.

  • We let the telecom experts do we what they do best, and they will deal with all your administration, problems and payments for you. 

  • We donít charge you for the privilege of working with us.  Instead we give you free web hosting, and as much support as you need and the opportunity to implement your ideas.

  • We pay you well (as much as 18%) and we pay you on time via business check or PayPal where available. Funds over $2000 are payable via international bank wire transfer (fee $30)

We look forward to working with you and helping you to generate a strong income!

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