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Call Me 800 Toll Free Number Service

Get your own unique toll free number that forwards incoming calls to any phone number in the world!


Do you want your customers, friends or relatives to reach you, at no charge to them, wherever you want without giving them a new phone number each time you travel or move? If so, Call Me 800 is your solution.

We will provide you with a unique Toll Free Number to be used by your customers, relatives or friends. When a call is placed to your Toll Free Number, the call is automatically forwarded by our system to your destination number.

This destination number can be anywhere in the world (fixed or cellular) and you can modify it by phone or via the Internet so that you can be reached anywhere.


Call Me 800 is currently available for toll free numbers accessible from:

USA Hong Kong Peru
Argentina Hungary Philippines
Australia   India ** Poland
Belgium Indonesia Portugal
Brazil Ireland Puerto Rico
Canada   Israel Russia
China Italy Slovakia
Colombia Japan Slovenia
Costa Rica Korea, South South Africa
Denmark Lithuania Spain
Dominican Rep. Luxembourg Sweden
Finland Mexico Switzerland
France Netherlands Taiwan
Germany New Zealand Thailand
Greece Norway United Kingdom


Click Here to view our Call Me 800 Toll Free Service FAQ.

Call Me 800 Number Rates

* Terms of service for the following toll free countries:

U.S. and Puerto Rico and Canada
Monthly account fee - $2.95
No start up fee
No minimum usage requirement
No cancellation fee
Usage billed to credit card monthly

* Terms of service for these additional toll free countries:

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India **, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea/South, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom and Venezuela
Monthly account fee - $10.00
One time $20.00 start up fee
No minimum usage requirement
No cancellation fee
Usage billed to credit card monthly

Monthly account fee - $10.00
One time $50.00 start up fee
No minimum usage requirement
No cancellation fee
Usage billed to credit card monthly

* Mobile Phone / Pay Phone Restrictions:

Some CallMe800 originations have restrictions for mobile phone and/or pay phone callers. These restrictions, where applicable, are dependent upon the in-country carrier our underlying providers use (therefore NOT dependent on United World Telecom).

Please click on the following link for a current list countries where CallMe800 toll free service is available (including applicable restrictions on mobile and/or pay phone calls):


** Note for India Toll Free Number orders:

The Indian national operator only authorizes toll free numbers for business use. Therefore, when you order an India toll free number, the following conditions will apply:

(a) We will assume that you intend to use this number for business.
(b) If you do not provide a business name, we will add the word "Enterprise" to your name and apply for the number under that name and indicate on the application that the number is for business use for "sales" and/or "customer service."
(c) You may receive a call from the India carrier and if asked you should tell them that you are going to use this toll free number for business "your name Enterprise".

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If you are in the USA, you can even pick your own toll free number. For example, your company’s name is ABC corp. Choose 1-800-ABC-CORP or 1-866-ABC-CORP or 1-877-ABC-CORP to make your toll free number easier to remember. For just a US $10 fee, we will check if this toll free number is available.

Note: Currently, Vanity Toll Free numbers are only available for USA toll free service.

** AND you can now get a "non" toll free number in the U.S.
(a regular U.S. telephone number) which can be accessible from any country.

This service is "Call My US Number"


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