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Good all round service. Call quality good and I am offshore on a
Microwave link. International is almost as good as talking to Bangkok
where our base number is located. The service has been very useful when
traveling and has allowed me to keep in touch at a very reasonable

David S. - UK


I used the service to frequently call my girlfriend who was living in China. It was reliable, efficient and inexpensive. I recommend it  to anyone.

Dell P. - USA


Service 99.99% works, support service very prompt if there are any problems. Will recommend to friends. Thanks

Maeve K - Cayman Islands


When I got my welcome letter and printed it out so I would have the information, some of the message was in color and I don't have a color printer. So I had to print it out again.

I am thrilled with the service. I got it because one daughter is in Paris for her spring semester. When her sister went to visit, they could call me from anywhere they were. The only way the prices could be better would be if it were FREE!.

I would recommend this service to any parent who has a kid traveling and needs then to keep in touch.

I found you thru google.

Roberta F - USA


When I first started, a tech helped me with the right number, etc. he
was most helpful and stayed on the line with me and called me to make
sure it was working. I have had several problems not getting a line,
computer messed up but overall ok. it is important to always get through
when your family is in US and you are in another country!

Janet B - Italy


It's a great system, friends/family can't believe how cheap I can phone them for.

Ryan F - South Korea



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