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Looking for an international cell phone or prepaid SIM card?
Visit CellularAbroad.com!

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United World Telecom offers both low rates and high quality international phone services for
you and your business.

Check our international callback service rates for yourself through our online calculator. Rates for ALL of our phone services are available by clicking HERE.

International Callback Service Rates
Discount calls from any country in the world to any other country in the world!

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SMS Triggering - Trigger your callback by sending an SMS message from your mobile phone!

  • Simple to use.

  • No Risk.

  • Speed Dialing.

  • No Equipment Modifications Needed.

  • Fast, Fully Automatic Dialing.

  • Eliminate Hotel Surcharges.

  • Clear High Quality Digital Transmission.

  • Activation generally in 24 hours or less.

  • And of course - LOWER RATES!!

International Callback Service

This is our most popular phone service offering. Discount international calls from anywhere to anywhere! More...

Global Call Connect

Easy access to discount international phone rates from your U.S. cell phone or landline phone with no PIN number entry required More...

International Calling Card

International calling card can be used from over 30 countries via our toll-free access numbers at deeply discounted rates. More...

"Call Me 800" Toll Free Numbers

Do you want to be reached anywhere in the world? Get your own toll free number and every call made to that number will be forwarded to you anywhere in the world! More...

Call My US Numbers

Do you want your customers, friends or relatives to be able to reach you wherever you are without needing to give them a new phone number each time you travel or move? If so, Call My US Number is your solution. More...

Call My Global Numbers

OR do you want a phone number in a major world city like London or Paris that rings to wherever you choose? Call My Global Number is the service you need. More...


Use your computer and the internet to make international calls to any phone anywhere in the world. More...

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