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General Questions


How long does it take to open my account?

If your credit card is approved and you confirm your order by phone, the account can be ready in one or two days. If there is a delay in approval or UWT cannot verify the account promptly it will take longer.

How will I know when my account is active?

We will send you an email to inform you when your service has been activated.

Can I add more callback numbers to my account?

Yes, just email service@uwtcallback.com with the new callback numbers or services you wish to add.

Can I cancel the service at anytime?

Yes. Simply send us an email or call our office to cancel. There is no cancellation or termination fee.

How do I place a call using the Callback service?

1. Dial your access number then hang-up at the first ring. (As you were calling the USA)
2. Within 5 to 12 seconds, our system will call you back at your registered callback number.
3. Answer your phone, and you will hear a voice prompt in English asking you to "Please enter your destination number followed by the # key" As soon as you start hearing this message, you may dial your international number.

For calls outside the USA, Canada and the Caribbean: 011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number + # key

For calls within the USA, Canada and the Caribbean: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number + # key

At the end of your call, you may either press # key three times (# # #) to make another call or press 8 key three times (* * *) to disconnect from our system and ensure that your billing session is terminated.

Will I get charged by my local telecommunication provider when using the Callback service?

No, you will not get charged by your local provider when using our Callback service. To place a call through our network, you dial your access number and hang up at the first ring. Because the call is not completed, you will not be charged by your local telecommunications provider.

How do I change my Callback number?

You can either change your callback number online at http://www.uwtservices.com/Di_CBack.asp or you can change it by phone using our interactive voice response system. Please refer to our user guide at http://uwtcallbackservice.com/user-guide.shtml for more information on how to use our IVR system.

I am going to travel to another country. Will I be able to use my callback service?

Yes, you can. You just need to change your current callback number to the phone number where you will be staying. You can easily do so by going to the Account Management section of our web page or by using our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) by phone. (Please refer to our user guide at http://uwtcallbackservice.com/user-guide.shtml for more information on how to use our IVR).

I would like to set things up so that an acquaintance of mine can use callback service to call me but, since it will be my account and I will be paying the cost, I want to make sure that my acquaintance cannot call anybody else besides me. Can this be arranged?

Yes, this can be arranged. When submitting your application for service, just mention this request in the comments section.

Others :

Virtual Calling Card

Does Virtual Card allow me to speed dial often used numbers?

Yes.....you can store up to 99 favourite telephone numbers. Entering your speed dial numbers is very easy. We include instructions on how to do it upon account activation.

How long does it take to open an account and receive my new account information?

Accounts are activated within 24 hours from the time we verify your order, weekdays. All new account information is emailed.

Do the connections have a clear sound quality?

Virtual Card utilizes a state-of-the-art telecommunications platform and top tier carriers. This permits the highest quality connections worldwide.

How do I pay for Virtual Card charges?

We accept AMEX, VISA, Mastercard & Diners. Usage charges are posted to your credit card at the end of the month. See the Virtual Card sign-up form for details.

Do I receive a plastic card?

No....you will not receive a plastic card. However, as soon as you receive new account information by email, you may immediately use the service.

Can I cancel the service at anytime?

Yes. Simply send us an email or call our office to cancel. There is no cancellation or termination fee.

Others :

Call Me Toll-Free

How does the system know where to send the call?

You tell us the number anywhere in the world you would like the call FORWARDED TO - this is your "ring to" number. Forwarding is direct and transparent.

Who pays for the calls that I receive when people dial my Follow Me International toll free number?

You do. The subscriber is responsible for all calls that are processed through the toll free number. You are not charged should the "ring to" number not answer. However, if the "ring to" number has voice mail and a message is left by the caller, this would be a billable (completed) call.

We have a rotary switch directory group with numbers that automatically switch to the next number as each number becomes busy. Can UWT toll free numbers handle multiple calls and are there any additional charges for this feature?

Yes. You can add rollover capabilities to your service as long as you have the proper set up on your phone. Rollover capabilities are available at an additional $1 monthly charge for each rollover line (up to 30 additional lines) and this can be extended further upon special request.

If you need rollover features enabled, please indicate this in the comments section of the online application form.

Can UWT toll free numbers be set up so that multiple phone numbers in different locations ring simultaneously when someone calls?

It is possible to have multiple forwarding numbers for CallMe800 service, however those numbers won't ring simultaneously. What you can do is add rollover capability to your service. With rollover, if the main forwarding number picks up the call and the call is connected when someone else dials the same toll free number, our system will roll over to the second forwarding number and connect the second caller to the second forwarding number. Please keep in mind that the system will NOT forward the call to a second (or third, etc.) forwarding number if the main forwarding number is busy or does not answer. Rollover capabilities are available at an additional $1 monthly charge for each rollover line (up to 30 additional lines) and this can be extended further upon special request.

If you need rollover features enabled, please indicate this in the comments section of the online application form.

How do I pay for the service?

Amex, VISA, Mastercard and JCB credit cards are accepted. Usage charges are billed directly to the credit card once a month. You will receive a comprehensive monthly call detail statement sent by postal mail and online! Call details include; date, time, call duration, origination number, destination number, cost of each call, total charges for the usage period.

Can I change my "ring to" number if I go to a new location?

Yes you can change your "ring to" number online using the web.

Are there any start up fees or other fees I should know about?

How will I know when my account is active?

We will send you an email to inform you when your service has been activated.

Do you provide multiple Toll-Free forwarding numbers?

Yes, many businesses like to have separate numbers for Ordering, Reservations, Customer Service, FAX, etc. Our order form has space for up to three numbers.

Can I cancel the service at anytime?

Yes. Simply send us an email or call our office to cancel. There is no cancellation or termination fee.

How is the sound and line quality?

Follow Me International has excellent line and sound quality because the call is transported using the Sprint International Toll Free Service (ITFS) network.

Is there a monthly minimum or monthly usage requirement?

No. There is no monthly usage requirement.

Can I get a toll free number in any other country not listed above?

Toll free numbers in other countries are available by special arrangement.
Email us with your specific requirements.

General Questions

1. What is an Access Number, Callback Number and Group Number?

Access Number (DID): A phone number that you dial in order to receive the callback. It usually starts with area code 1 305 or 1 786. For example: +1 305 444 2211

Callback Number: The phone number from which you would like to make your international calls (this is where you’ll receive the callback).

Group Number: Customer account number starting with the letter G......

2. Are there any minimum usage requirements?

Callback Service: If you do not use our callback service at least once every 120 days on a specific access number, then that specific access number will be disabled for non-usage.

Virtual Calling Card and CallMe 800 Service: There are no minimum usage requirements for either the Virtual Calling Card nor the CallMe800 service.

3. If my access number gets disabled for non-usage, will I be able to reactivate it?

You will receive an e-mail from us notifying you about the disabled access number(s) with the option to reactivate it. You may incur a monthly fee of $1.00 upon reactivation. If you request a new DID, the monthly charge of $1.00 will also apply.

4. Are there any set up or monthly fees?

There are no setup fees or monthly fees for the callback service or for the Virtual Calling Card service. You may incur a set up fee and a monthly fee only for the CallMe800 service. Please see the details -- click HERE

5. How will I be billed and how often?

Your credit card will be charged each month for services used in the previous month. In addition, UWT will bill your credit card for partial charges when your account balance reaches $200, even if it is before the end of the month.

Please note: Upon signing up, our customer service department receives a pre-authorization on your credit card (the total of your individual line limits) to make sure that you have sufficient funds for using the service. Some banks may show this as a temporary charge but it is not a charge in any way; it is only a pre-authorization.

6. What is Virtual Calling Card (VCC)? What is difference between the Virtual Calling Card and the Callback service?

Virtual Calling Card is the name of our calling card not a physical card. It is a PIN number that gives you access to our network from over 30 countries around the world. Upon signing up, you will be given a list of our toll free numbers where the service is available. To use the service, you will dial the toll free number corresponding to the country where you are located and enter your ten-digit PIN when you hear the prompt. The Virtual Calling Card is convenient because you do not need to pre-register your phone number, as the Callback service requires you to do so. Please click HERE to learn more about this service.

7. What is a speed dial number? How do I set them?

A speed dial number is a destination phone number you wish to record in our system’s memory. For a faster connection to your most frequently called numbers, our system allows you to pre- record up to 99 numbers (speed dial numbers). You can add or change your speed dial numbers to one or all of your access numbers online at https://www.uwtservices.com/Customerin.asp.

You can also do so by phone using our interactive voice response system. Please refer to our user guide at http://uwtcallbackservice.com/user-guide.shtml for more information on how to use our IVR system.

8. How do I place another call without having to dial the access number again?

Dial # key three times (###) if you made a mistake or if you want to place another call without having to hang-up.

9. If I make a mistake dialing my destination phone number, do I need to hang up and call my access number again?

There is no need to hang up. You simply need to press the # key three times (###) and this will allow you to place another call.

10. How do I redial a phone number?

Dial * key and # key (* #) to re-dial the last number.

11. How do I make sure that my calls get disconnected when I hang up?

Dial * key three times (***) to disconnect the service.

12. I am receiving unsolicited callbacks. Why am I receiving the callback when I have not triggered it?

Your access number is a Miami phone number. A US-based telemarketer probably called your access number randomly and this triggered your callback. You can set the ghost call protection to reduce the number of unsolicited callbacks (also called Ghost Calls).

When the Ghost Call Protection is enabled, our system will call back the registered number only if the caller hangs up before hearing a recorded message (to be sure you should hang up at the first ring and no later than the end of the second ring). Please go to http://www.uwtservices.com/GhostCall.asp for further details.

13. How do I record or delete a Personal Greeting?

Please refer to our user guide at http://uwtcallbackservice.com/user-guide.shtml for more information.


1. I see that many countries have a separate rate for specific cities or mobiles. What is the corresponding rate of a country which does not have a mobile rate listed?

If a country’s mobile rate is not listed then that means that the mobile rate is the same as the landline rate of that specific country.


1. You advertisement states that there is no initial fee. Why am I required to transfer money?

There is no initial fee. The initial payment corresponds to your first prepayment that will be applied towards your account

2. When will my prepayment be applied?

Wire transfer: We will apply your prepayment as soon as we receive it. It takes 3 to 5 business days for a wire transfer to reach our bank account. If your prepayment has not been applied to your account within 5 business days, please check the status of your wire transfer with your bank.

For any other type of prepayment, feel free to e-mail us requesting the status of your prepayment.


1. My account was opened today. I wanted to view my invoice today but I was told that my account number or password was invalid.

Please allow 24 hours (during business days) before checking your invoice online.

2. I am trying to change my callback number online but it seems that my password is invalid.

Make sure to type the information in instead of copying and pasting it. In addition, make sure not to add spaces when entering the digits.


1. How do I report a technical problem?

The best way to get directly in touch with our technical department and for them to take care of your problem is to open a trouble ticket. This can be easily done by following these simple steps:

· Go to http://www.uwtservices.com/TrblTicket/LoginTrouble.asp
· Open a trouble ticket online
· Follow the steps from there.

Please note: Please keep your trouble ticket number so that you can view the status of your trouble ticket and follow its evolution.


1. If I need to contact you what type of information do I need to have ready?

You should have your Account Number (Group Number) ready whenever you are emailing or calling United World Telecom. A sample account number is “G444333”. Your account number was sent to you in your first confirmation letter by e-mail. Alternatively, if you cannot provide the Group Number please have your access number (DID) ready. The access number (DID) is the number you call to trigger the callback.

2. I received an email that contained my invoice for last month. It shows that I have a due balance. I thought you took the payments from my credit card. Do I need to send a payment to you?

Our invoicing procedure is to create the invoice and then debit the credit card. If you have a credit card on file with United World Telecom, we will deduct the payment from your credit card. We normally charge the credit card within 1 to 3 business days after the date you receive the invoice. If we have any trouble deducting the amount due we will notify you by email.

3. When I try to use the callback service, the system tells me that my account is low on funds or out of funds. You have my credit card on file; I don’t understand why I am getting this kind of message.

Account setup requires that a limit be placed on each access number. The limit that is placed is not based on your credit card limit but is based on the estimated monthly usage indicated on the Sign-up form that you submitted. We recognize that this figure is an estimate therefore we periodically look at account balances and apply increases to those accounts close to their limits. If you, the customer, realize that you have reached the limit before we have made any increases please send us a message to apply for an increase.

Please note: If you pay by credit card, your account balance is reset to zero at the beginning of each month giving you a fresh line of credit up to your current maximum limit.

4. How can I increase the maximum limit that I have set when I initially signed up?

You can request to increase your maximum limit by sending an e-mail to our billing department at billing@uwtcallback.com. Please include your account number (Group Number), access number (DID) that you want to have the limit increased on, and also the new limit you wish to have it changed to. We will then evaluate your account and approve or decline the increase.

5. When I try to use the callback service, the system tells me that my account is "running low" on funds. I am a pre-paid customer, what does this mean?

This means that the funds available on the access number (DID) is running low. To resolve this issue you can send additional funds or reallocate funds from another of your DIDs (access numbers.) If you wish to reallocate funds please email details of your request to changes@uwtcallback.com. Make sure to include your Group Number, the DIDs (access numbers) involved, and reallocation amounts in the email request.

6. When I receive the callback the system tells me that my account is restricted due to non-payment. You are supposed to charge my credit card for my bills. Why do I hear this message?

There are several reasons why this could happen. First, the credit card we have on file may be expired. Second, we may have attempted to charge the credit card and the charge was denied. You should have received an email from us that provided more details as to the reason. Please follow the directions of the email to resolve the issue. If you don't have the email, please go to our website at https://www.uwtservices.com/Customerin.asp and verify that the credit card and expiration date information is correct. If the information is correct then you should call your bank and ask them "Why they have declined the charge from United World Telecom?" You may also change the credit card you have on file with United World Telecom online at https://www.uwtservices.com/Customerin.asp.

7. I went online to update my credit card information. The website asked me for a group number and password. I don't know that information. How can I get that information?

If you have forgotten your password and/or group number you can have them emailed to you. To do this go to http://www.uwtservices.com/services.asp and select the option that says, "Forgot your password."

8. I updated my credit card and I just got an email that said the credit card was rejected. What does this mean?

When a customer updates the credit card information on file with United World Telecom. We verify that all the information is correct. This process includes a pre-authorization with the bank. If any information is wrong the bank will rejected the debit or pre-authorization and United World Telecom will discard the incorrect information.

9. What is the reason the credit card was rejected?

We have very limited information as to the reason the credit card was rejected. The only person that may be able to answer this question is your bank representative. The best thing to do is go to our secure website and verify the credit card information we have on file. If the information is correct you may decide to enter a new credit card online at https://www.uwtservices.com/Customerin.asp or contact your bank representative.

10. I received an email from you saying that my credit card was expired or will expire this month, but that is not true. My credit card was renewed with my bank and is good for another year.

In our database your information is not updated. When your credit card is renewed with a new card number or with a new expiration date, you should go online to http://www.uwtservices.com/services.asp and select the option that says "Change your credit card online" to update your card information.

11. I have updated my credit card online and my account is still restricted. I checked my email and I did not get a notification. After updating the credit card, how long does it take to release the restriction on the account?

Once you have entered all the correct information to update your credit card we will review the information and submit it for approval with the credit card company. This is done several times every business day. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as we complete this process.

12. I believe that a few of the calls on my invoice are not billed correctly. What do I do?

When you get your final invoice after the end of the month. Please send an email with the reasons you believe the calls are billed wrong. Make sure that you include your account number (group number) in the e-mail subject. Attach the invoice and mark the calls you want United World Telecom to review in BOLD. We will then review the dispute and notify you of the outcome within 25 days. Send this email to billing@uwtcallback.com.

13. I have one call noted as “90sec+NoValidDest” on my invoice. What does that mean?

This means that you have made an incomplete call that lasted more than 90 seconds. United World Telecom does not charge for busy calls or incomplete calls unless one stays on the line for more than 90 seconds. To avoid this please make sure to press # key three times (# # #) if you see that you are not being connected after 60 seconds.

14. How does United World Telecom time a call?

If your calls is connected to the destination, your charge for the call will start from the time you receive the callback until you hang up or press # # # for another call or press * * * to end the session. Pressing # # # for another call will reset the timer and begin a fresh count.

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