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Sending Faxes with Calling Cards

Sending a fax using a calling card is simple to do.  If you are using a traditional fax machine, just dial the calling card number, enter your PIN code and the destination number.  Once you are connected then press 'send' on your fax machine.

To send faxes using a modem and PC fax software you can enter the calling card number and the destination number together into one field.  Please set this up so that you use a comma (,) in place where you would usually wait for the voice prompt.

Sending Faxes with Callback

It is simple send a fax using a traditional fax machine.  Trigger the callback, lift the receiver of your fax machine and enter the destination number.  When you are connected press the 'send' button on your fax.

Currently we have not found any PC fax software which supports the callback service. We expect that it is not difficult but requires a program which will allow you to send a fax immediately without having to dial any number.  If you can do that you can dial the callback number yourself and press 'send' with the software once you are connected. We'll keep you informed as soon as we find the best solution for you.

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