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Using Callback from Your Hotel Room

Using callback service from your hotel room or via a human switchboard operator

If you are planning on using our callback service from your hotel room, there is one additional step you need to accomplish. Since the hotel switchboard or operator will be the number receiving the "callback" call from our callback computer, you will need to record a personal message that the operator will hear. This message that you record will instruct the operator to send the call to your hotel room extension. You can also use these same instructions to send the call to an office extension if the office has a live operator.

If you are in a hotel, you may want to record a version of the message below that may be something like this:

"Hello, please transfer this call to Mr. (Your Name) in room #1234. Please transfer this call to room 1234, thank you."

Speak clearly!

If your hotel is in China, you may even go to the extent of having someone that speaks Mandarin or Cantonese to record the message that will be heard by the Chinese hotel operator.

(Upon dialing the U.S. Interactive Voice Response Number, you will hear voice prompts to guide you.)

To record a personal greeting

  1. Dial the Global Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Access number (sent to you upon account activation) and wait for the computer to answer.
  2. Enter the last 7 digits of your access number that corresponds to the callback number you wish to affect (the digits after the area code) followed by # sign
    For example: If your U.S. access number was 1 213 123 5432, you want to enter "1235432" (with no quotes and no spaces).
  3. Enter your Passcode number followed by #
  4. Press 5.
  5. If this is the first time you record a personal greeting, you will be prompted to enter a 7 digit code which would be your access number (different from your PIN) (do not enter the # sign).
  6. For confirmation, re-enter the 7 digits. The number will be repeated by the computer.
  7. Press 1 to save, 2 to replay, 3 to change/modify.
  8. Press 5 and record your personal greeting after the beep. End your recording by pressing #
  9. Press 1 to save, 2 to replay, 3 to change/modify.
  10. Hang up.

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