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Available VoIP Equipment

United World Telecom provides a variety of alternatives to connect you to VoIP service including a free VoIP Softphone, low price & high quality VoIP Adapters and VoIP Phones, and a professional grade VoIP Gateway for building your own wholesale VoIP business. Here is a list of our VoIP connection alternatives and their functions:

Free VoIP Softphone

Among many VoIP softphones available in the market today, we have found Zoiper to be the best performing VoIP softphone in terms of usability, ease of set up, voice quality, and other additional convenient features. You can use Zoiper VoIP softphone to receive or make calls directly from your computer. When you sign up with our VoIP service, you get easy to follow instructions for installing and setting up a free Zoiper VoIP softphone. After your sign up process is completed and you receive our confirmation letter, it takes no more than 5 minutes to set up your free softphone and start using it. In addition, you get free technical support in case you have any problem with your set up and call quality.

VoIP Adapter & VoIP Phone

We tested a variety of VoIP adapters and VoIP phones and found the HandyTone brand VoIP adapters and BudgeTone brand VoIP phones to be the best value in terms of quality and price. We offer 4 basic types of HandyTone VoIP adapters and 2 types of BudgeTone VoIP phones for variety of needs. Please click here to view detailed description and pricing for each VoIP device we have.

VoIP Gateway for Wholesale Business

There are a variety of VoIP Gateways available on the market for wholesale VoIP business today. We have successfully configured many brands of VoIP gateways on our network and have the expertise to provide you with the best price/value combination. We also have full technical support to get you set up with the right VoIP solution in a matter of days. With United World Telecom you are fully covered regardless of the type of VoIP configuration you need. We can either configure your existing VoIP gateway to our network or set up a complete turnkey VoIP solution according to your particular business model. Contact us today to learn more about our VoIP Wholesale program and how you can take full advantage of VoIP revolution!

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