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  • For a low transaction fee, Western Union Quick Pay/QuickCollect will have your payment in our hands within minutes.

  • If the amount of Transfer is less than $3,000, the fee payable to your local Western Union agent is $15.00.

  • If the amount of Transfer is between $3,000.01 and $5,000.00, the fee payable to your local Western Union agent is $25.00.

Simply visit your local Western Union location (check your local telephone directory) and tell them you wish to make a Quick Pay transaction.

Complete the blue form, which asks for your name and address as well as the name and code city/locale of our company.

IMPORTANT: Our code city/locale is: UWTCALLBACK,FL.

Hand the Western Union agent your blue form, your payment, plus a small transaction fee. Your Western Union agent will send your payment electronically and provide you with an immediate receipt. Within minutes, your payment will be recorded at our offices. And that's all there is to it.

Instructions on how to fill out the form.
Making a payment through Western Union Quick Pay/QuickCollect is easy. Simply bring cash payment in local currency to the nearest Western Union agent location and complete the blue form.

Scroll down for a sample form and detailed instructions.

Item 1

Write the amount you are sending using words.
Write the amount you are sending using numbers.

Item 2 -- Pay To Information

Write UNITED WORLD TELECOM as the name of the Company to which a payment is being sent
Write UWTCALLBACK,FL as the Locale/Code City of the destination company. (This Locale/Code City is required)

Item 3 -- Sender Information:

Write first name. If followed by middle name, separate first and middle names with a "-". If there are two last names, separate them with a "-".
Write the street on the first address line. On the second line, write the city, province (county or state), country and postal code. Enter your telephone number, including city codes.

  • If you are an existing customer, write your Account/Group Number with us, which can be found on the top right portion of your invoice (if you can't find it, indicate one of your access numbers or your callback number).

  • If you are not yet a customer, write NEW followed by the last name you wrote on the Customer Service Agreement.

If available, write the invoice number you are paying.

Item 4

Write the individual or department to which you would like your payment to be directed or credited. This field can also be used for a brief message or left blank.
Sign the form and present it to the Western Union Agent with your payment and the low, fixed fee. The agent inputs the transaction and gives you a numbered, dated receipt as proof of payment. That's all there is to it!

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