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Important: If you choose prepayment, you will be disconnected once your account reaches its prepayment amount unless we have received additional funds.  

Wire transfers must be no less than $500 or we will charge your account a transaction fee of $20 for every wire less than $500. We recommend that prepayment be equal to twice of your estimated monthly usage. Wire funds to the account of:

United World Telecom L.C.
at Bank of America Delray Beach,
Acct# 1611977177 -
Bank Routing # 063100277.

Please contact us to tell us your bank and the date of the wire transfer


Western Union

For Western Union Payments, UWT has a "quick pay" account for transfers via Western Union. Visit your local Western Union agent and ask for the blue quick pay form. Complete all the information. IMPORTANT: the locale/code city must read UWT CALLBACK,FL. Also, you must reference your Group # in the section "Account Number" or indicate if your transfer is for a new account. Give the complete form, the transfer amount, plus the transaction fee to the agent. Fax copy of your receipt to UWT. 


US Bank Check

For US bank check payment, your check must be no less than US$150 and drawn on a US bank. We will charge US$15 transaction fee for smaller checks and will not accept checks drawn on foreign banks. Checks payable to United World Telecom L.C.


Further Information

In case of prepayment, UWT has established a minimum of US$40 per new access number opened. If UWT opens a DID for less than US$40, UWT will charge US$2.50 for the transaction. If UWT re-charges a DID for less than US$40, UWT will charge US$1.00 for the transaction. Accounts set up with automatic debit of credit cards are not subject to this rule.


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