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How to use Callback?

1. Register.

It is extremely simple to register with UWT. There are no charges, no obligations, no hidden-costs and signup can be done securely online within about three minutes.  

Register here if you have not yet done so.

After this, UWT will telephone you within 2 business days to confirm your identity and you should be able to make phone calls soon after this.  With callback, you tell UWT which phone numbers you will be making calls from on your application form.

2. Get Your Sign-up Details.

UWT will email you your instructions.  Most importantly you will be given your Trigger Numbers (sometimes called an access number or DID number).

Trigger Numbers are USA telephone numbers which will be unique to you.  UWT will provide you with one trigger number for every phone you will call from.

You will also be given a password which you will only use for administration online or via the telephone.

3. Make Your Calls.

· Tell UWT that you wish to make a call: This is known as 'triggering' the callback. The simplest way of doing this is by telephoning your unique trigger number. Call it, let it ring once, and hang-up (this costs you nothing). UWT also allows you to trigger your callback via the internet too (details are provided on signup)

· Wait for your call back: The Callback computer identified that you wish to make a call and it automatically calls you back within a few seconds. You will hear a computer voice asking for you to dial the number you wish to call.

· Dial your number: Callback uses the American telephone line and therefore you are calling as if you are in the USA.

This means that to call to outside of the USA you dial ..
011 + country code + city code + phone number

If you wish to call to the USA, dial;
1 + area code + phone number

4. Pay.

If you have chosen to pay by credit card you will be invoiced and automatically charged the month after.  UWT offers full account and invoice details online.



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