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By routing your international phone calls through the United States and strategically placed worldwide sites, callback service providers make the LOWER RATES of the U.S. phone system available to callers from all over the world.

After you sign up with a callback provider, you are assigned a special unlisted U.S. phone number that you will call and then hang up on after one ring. Since you hang up BEFORE a connecting answer, there is no charge for the call from your national or local phone company. However, the callback company computer has been signaled that you called and it will IMMEDIATELY call you back.

How Does Callback Service Work?

It's best to use an example. Let us compare UWT callback service with a direct-dial call, and we'll use Thailand as an example of a country which has a monopolized telephone service.

A) Direct Dialing From Thailand to the UK

This is an expensive call because you are using the Thai telephone network.

B) Using UWT Callback Service (Based in the USA)

Here is what would happen if this call were made using international callback and the discount USA telephone network - the cheapest long distance service in the world.

From the USA, it costs just $0.18 per minute to phone Thailand, and just $0.04 per minute to phone the UK. The total cost is just $0.22 per minute (compared to $0.70 per minute with direct dialing).



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