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Advantages of Callback Service

  • International call back is usually the cheapest means to complete international phone calls from one country to another.  Price is usually the first reason people use international callback and other international services.

  • International call back works from any touchtone phone - this includes mobile phones, payphones, apartments, hotels etc.  

  • No new hardware required. You need buy no new hardware or make any changes to your existing phone or lines. There is no need to change your existing phone company.

  • Call back can be customized to be used through PBX's and human-operated switchboards. A computerized voice can say to a receptionist "please connect me to extension ..."

  • Your account can be used by others your trust even if they are in other countries. So you can let a friend or family member use your account to allow them to make free overseas calls too.  Parents can provide their children overseas to stay in touch freely.

  • Multiple phones can be added to one account. Include your home, cell phone number, and office number in the same account.

  • Can be used when sending faxes.  See here for instructions on sending faxes with UWT.

  • Online Billing and Account Information. With UWT you can view your usage, your bill, and make changes such as your callback numbers, your credit card used and more.

  • Speed Dialing. This allows you to dial only 2 digits to access a frequently used phone number!  

  • A Post-Paid Service. You will be billed AFTER usage is known, so there is no "use it or lose it" penalty as with prepaid callback services.

  • No mimimum usage requirement. If you make no phone calls in a given month you pay nothing. You do not pay for incomplete calls or busy lines.

  • Tax Free. All prices are tax-exempt.

  • 6 second billing. UWT charges per 6 seconds after the first 30 seconds.  You only pay for completed calls.

  • Extra discounts offered for many cities. UWT offers a lower rate for many world cities. These savings can be substantial.

Disadvantages of Callback Service

  • Calls using call back take about 10 seconds on average to begin. Direct dial calls have no such delay.

  • Sometimes telecom monopolies try to block callback.



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